RISE is a new category in the market of personality and behaviour-based assessments. As a Human Development System, it provides objective, complex, and practical information that can be applied in real life when analysing individuals, teams, and organisations. Overall, RISE provides real assessments for individuals and teams.


RISE’s clear ideology is, “do not mislead the individual who trusts the system and completes the test”. RISE provides users with the full, true picture in the analysis. The goal in every case is that individuals find the self that will provide them with the greatest success and a happy, stress-free life. In other words, it strives to ensure that individuals bring the best out of themselves. To do this, it serves as a harsh mirror for the personality, its modification, and the successful path towards one’s goals. RISE clearly and powerfully motivates the individual to bring out the best version of themselves.


RISE is a typification system, and as such, it forms categories in its analyses. However, it can provide a significantly deeper assessment than systems currently available on the market, with 112.68 trillion unique personality and behavioural variations. This is primarily due to the clear separation of the “original personality” and the “present personality”, the development of the “idol personality” factor, and the definition of the “childhood personality” category based on adolescent development. The system provides a clear definition of personality modification and the stress level of the person.


RISE is built on practical use, so it knows how the most important feature for an analytical system of this kind is to be easy for users to communicate, apply, and recognise. For a system with a strong scientific background, this challenge can be overcome with the help of special communication experts. Their job is to make the most in-depth analytical assessments easy to understand, even for a child. We keep this in mind when developing result sheets and publications. Any system is only worth as much as its ability to be understood and utilised. RISE has built its products with this in mind.


RISE does not attempt to put scholarly theories into practice. Development is defined by feedback and real-world experience from business, sports, education, private life, and experts develop solutions for understanding this experience so that it can be put into practice immediately and effectively. During the development process, the reconciliation of interests – often deep technical discussions – between the scientific and the user sides provides a complex solution for mentors who manage and monitor its concrete use. This ensures that RISE provides only solutions that have already been proven in practice.


One of the biggest advantages of RISE is that it does not test the validity and effectiveness of the analyses in focus groups of a few hundred people. As a final step in the development process, the most important private mentoring partners with the longest track record provide the testing environment for RISE. In each case, this means a minimum of 5,000 field observations. In this way, results and feedback from concrete, practical use in the 1-1.5 years prior to the launch will finalise any products. For the founders of RISE, this process is critical, as new products will also be used in private mentoring programmes, forming the basis for key business, sports, and educational decisions; and long-term partnerships based on deep trust cannot be compromised. In other words, RISE strives for perfection in every aspect of its work.


Traditional systems do not take into account the generational differences that are critical today. RISE differentiates between different age groups in its assessments, using its proprietary 12-year periodicity generational theory, which is further divided into three distinct phases.


RISE also has considerable experience in the field of sports. While the success or failure of a traditional psychological assessment in business can only be identified years or at least months later, in sports, we are confronted with the result from the very beginning of a match. A high-stakes competition is a crisis in which we make decisions with the help of our original personalities. It is particularly important that RISE has been providing development support to national teams, clubs, and individual athletes for 14 years.


Another important difference between other psychological systems and RISE is that we have also invested a lot of research, energy, and resources into exploring ways of identifying the personalities of children. In a related book published in 2021, we describe the development of 1,043 children over 15 years, thanks to parent reports and interviews with children. Through nearly 1,000 training sessions, workshops, and thousands of face-to-face business discussions, we have experienced the desperation of older managers being told that they have been on the wrong track all their lives, in the wrong positions, and that they need to change. Of course, they see this too; it is just that, above a certain age, it is much harder to follow up this recognition with action. These bitter conversations have motivated us to be able to give children a basic orientation from an early age, recommending fields of interest and career paths for later success.


RISE’s founders are private mentors, and as such, they focus on real results. We have been using the RISE system, its tests, and its research for 17 years in business development projects in countries around the world. With the RISE system, hundreds of businesses have been successfully built and developed, and thousands of employees have been able to work in a more aligned, motivated, and effective way. Athletes have significantly improved their own performance, teams have reached a whole new level of achievement, thousands of children have set off on the path that promises them the most success, and tens of thousands of people have understood their own and others’ thinking, reasoning, and behaviour, becoming more accepting, open, humane, and successful people.