The next year or so will be about managing an entirely new type of crisis, adapting to the wholesale market transformation, setting up a new strategy, and keeping your organisation alive. This crisis is novel and unprecedented. The typical crisis begins in the economic world in a particular line of business, which then invades peoples’ private lives by way of austerity. This current crisis, in contrast, started in the private sphere — touching all of our personal lives — and from there moved to the business world.

In this case, you need to prepare for a “new business world order”; you need to redefine your organisation, and you need to restructure your workflow, back office, manufacturing, and sales methodologies along these new lines! Colleagues who were perfectly suited to their tasks during “peacetime” may face major challenges in the future, and their performance may deteriorate significantly. The same is true for “proven” workflows, as new trends are emerging in business.

It is critical for decision-makers — especially owners and managers — to define new strategies and concepts as quickly as possible. To do this, they need data, not just mere intuition, that provides exact information for future solutions!

For this situation, RISE CRISIS 2020 offers a fast, efficient, and immediately applicable solution for this unprecedented crisis by providing significant support for re-interpreting your business.

RISE CRISIS 2020 is a unique solution; it can define a person’s decision-making mechanisms that take over during a crisis and thus show a person’s behaviour and expected performance. It identifies the strengths, weaknesses, and personality traits of key people and decision-makers during critical situations. With this special analysis, which was developed for this crisis that started in the private sphere and expanded to the global economy, we can define current and expected challenges at the individual, team, and organisational levels. Based on these, you can define a development plan that becomes immediately executable, providing significant time and cost savings. As a result, our partners have a great opportunity not only to “survive” the crisis but to emerge from this tragic period more stable and stronger than ever before.