There are many tools out there that can analyse a person, but few systems can reveal an individual’s true colours. RISE is one of them! Analysing a team is even harder: not only must a system identify the real side of multiple individuals, it must also be able to determine how those individuals will fail, function, or flourish as a team. RISE’s Team Analysis is the one and only tool capable of doing just that!


We are sure you know that a person’s behaviour can change quickly when they join a team. And surely you know that a team’s decision is often different than an individual’s. But do you know how decisions are born within a team? Which person’s judgment means a lot, and which person’s input can be dismissed easily? Can you correctly estimate the ‘weight’ of the team member’s decisions? Because it doesn’t always depend on hierarchy or official roles: personality plays an essential part.

How many times has it happened that you set up a team to reach a specific goal? How many times did you build up that team based on their past results, your experiences, and faith? And how many times did you define the differences between the past results and the new goal? How many times did you check that team member’s personalities and compared with the personalities needed to reach that new goal?


  • Team Analysis collects vital data from each team member’s analysis.
  • Regarding each team member’s personality, the Team Analysis shows that person’s place, ‘weight’, and rank in the team that you created.
  • By focussing on the new ranking of the members, Team Analysis defines your team’s ‘personality direction’, which shows what kind of features will govern your team’s cooperation.
  • Using this information, Team Analysis exactly defines your team’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.
  • Team Analysis shows an exact picture of how your team members can work together, and how likely it is for them to reach the goals created for them.


RISE Team Analysis is created based on more than 500 successful re-organisation projects, i.e. real business development. Behind each Team Analysis, there are experienced, successful business mentors, consultants, and analysists.

They can:

  • answer exact questions
  • define what kind of re-structuring you need to make your team successful
  • identify who is not fit for your team and can risk its success
  • determine the kind of team member(s) you need to make your team successful
  • give you advice about your team’s motivational system
  • provide advice about your team development process
  • consult you to manage your team


RISE Team Analysis process includes a few simple steps that you need to follow.

Team Analysis Steps

  • Step 1. Identify the members of your team
  • Step 2. Define their positions and jobs in the team
  • Step 3. Team members fill ‘team analysis’ online test
  • Step 4. We make your team ‘personality map’
  • Step 5. We create your team analysis (RISE SWOT)
  • Step 6. You will get your team’s ‘personality analysis’ and ‘team analysis

Team Development

  • Step 7. Define your questions about your team (e-mail)
  • Step 8. We provide answers (e-mail)

Business Mentoring

  • Step 9. Live discussion with an experienced mentor or consultant about your team


We work with teams in the following fields.

  • business
  • sport (amateur and professional), juniors above age 10 and adults
  • education (primary, secondary, and post-secondary; between ages 8 and 25)