RISE Candidate is a screening and selection tool that focuses on the specific personality elements that lead to intelligent and effective recruitment decisions. Candidate does this by zeroing in the respondent’s primary and secondary ‘original personality’ types. The original personality is present since childhood and takes over when making important decisions. Thus, the primary and secondary personality types speak volumes about whether a particular person is suitable for a particular role. For example, we would not recommend a person with a high Individual factor—the personality type marked by creativity and dynamism—for a position that necessitates a high tolerance for monotony. Notably, our consultants have years of experience working across various industries, so they can recommend successful primary/secondary type combinations that vary widely based upon the needs of a particular position.

Candidate also identifies the changes to the respondent’s personality, their ‘modification’, which directly impacts their work efficiency, contentment, and potential to take advantage of their strengths. When coupled with the information about the respondent’s original personality, the modification shows whether a candidate can exploit the innate strengths of their original personality. The modification is Candidate’s extra safeguard: even if a person is an ideal candidate for a position based upon their original personality, a significant modification is a red flag that means that something has eroded their potential.Finally, Candidate also shows the respondent’s Top 5 highest-scoring Professional Features. Candidate identifies many Professional Features, including but not limited to the tolerance of monotony and a heavy workload, the ability to perform as a team player, problem-solving skills, the ability to lead and manage others, the desire for perfection, and the ability to motivate and energise others. All in all, Candidate takes a detailed snapshot that reveals crucial data and provides guidance throughout the recruitment and selection process.
RISE Candidate consists of 24 questions and takes roughly 10-15 minutes to complete.