RISE Executive is suitable for the complex personality and behaviour analysis of people in decision-making positions. The assessment can clearly determine the ‘original personality’ of the person, which identifies personality traits that govern decision-making in a crisis situation. The ‘present personality’, i.e. the personality in use at the time of the assessment, is the combination of the original personality and the imprints of the masks (adopted behaviours) that have been used by the person for extended periods. It shows what people think about themselves and how they try to present themselves to the world. As a special factor, Executive also reveals a person’s ‘idol personality’, which is someone’s ideal personality, the combination of characteristics they construct as a paradigm and strive toward. As they strive, they slowly modify their personalities to include these characteristics, so, in other words, the idol personality reveals that person’s future personality trajectory. With the original, present, and idol personalities, Executive defines a complex ‘lifetime personality’ that clearly shows an executive’s expectations, motivational factors, and potential. Behaviour-wise, Executive defines the current and the expected future behaviours of a person. This is helpful in understanding decision-making and behaviour, both in the short term and in the long term.

RISE Executive uses ‘Employee Indexes’ to set expectations and predict an analysed person’s results in various roles. In other words, it shows the areas in which someone has the highest chance of success.

Leadership qualities and abilities are also measured with the help of the ‘Leadership Indexes’. Different leadership areas and situations have drastically different expectations, so RISE Executive clearly defines the environments, conditions, and challenges in which the analysed person can or cannot achieve their best results.

RISE Executive uses 40 factors to define a person’s general personality traits, the personality traits they use at work, and their specific set of motivations. When coupled with RISE Executive’s other special factors, finding the suitable candidate for an executive position becomes markedly easier. Furthermore, RISE results are useful for the long-term motivation of the assessed person and can help predict and plan for future personality modifications.

When creating the complex assessment, one of the priorities was to keep it as short as possible without sacrificing results, so Executive contains 96 questions and takes approximately 40-50 minutes to complete.