RISE Worker is ideal for assessing the decision-making mechanisms and motivations the rest of a company’s workforce, be them office workers or physical workers. Worker provides measurements of client-selected personality characteristics and can provide specific answers to questions clients ask about their employees. Clients can choose from 40 features that define an employee’s personality, such as respect for company property, tolerance for monotony, loyalty to the company, importance tied to salary raises, observation of working hours, or respect for rules. A client can also ask specific questions tailored to their business’s needs. Clients phrase the questions, then the RISE team translates them into psychological terms to identify the right combination of characteristics to answer the questions. Worker comes with 5 personality features, but clients can select up to 10 features if they so desire. Worker assesses features on a scale from 1 to 100%. From the determined ranges, the client can clearly see to what extent the given features are present in the ‘original personality’ of the person. Thus, Worker helps identify clear screening and selection criteria, which enables employers finds employees that meet these requirements, which significantly decreases staff turnover/fluctuation. When compiling the assessment, our priority was to keep it simple, easy to understand, and quick to fill out in order to integrate employees into the process.

RISE Worker contain 24 questions and take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.