Professionals can become RISE partners after gaining the appropriate knowledge and learning the practical applications of the System. RISE puts particular emphasis on attaching real value to the ‘RISE Certification’ label. Holding a RISE Certification does not simply provide partners with a ‘shiny medal’, it means that its holder is a highly qualified HR professional in the areas of recruitment, selection, evaluation, and personality and behaviour assessment. It is important to RISE to ensure that anyone who turns to a professional holding a RISE Certification anywhere in the world will receive specific, functional solutions to develop their professional and personal lives successfully.

We utilise cutting-edge technology in our certification process and follow one golden rule: we always focus on the individual; people are the most important to us, as we work for the success of people! This means that in our training process, we put a special emphasis on personal contact and individual workshops. The exact proportions of these may vary in the programme depending on the location, but it is always a priority. We also follow the fundamental principle that the practical application of theory is of key importance, and so besides theory, a big part of the certification process involves practice, where professionals taking part in the training may participate in an actual organisational development project online.

We also provide continuous training for certified professionals. We keep them continuously informed and directly through our networking system, which features: appropriate social media elements, shared research, trends, and strategic directions of RISE and the labour market, all of which keeps them up to date in the field.