RISE offers two important business opportunities to its partners:

  • The opportunity to increase profit with the help of a unique system that provides a significant advantage in the HR market.
  • A focus on continuing professional development, the direct application of labour market research and knowledge, and professional training opportunities.

RISE aims to develop partnerships with consulting firms with impeccable professional backgrounds and images in their respective areas, which have local knowledge and understand business features particular to their region. As RISE analyses encompass the entirety of the labour force from blue collar to office workers to decision-maker managers, the range of RISE partners is also quite diverse. Any business dealing with personnel placement, recruitment, or headhunting can benefit from the RISE System during the selection process, when preparing recommendations, or in building motivational systems. RISE aims for a long and fruitful relationship with its clients. Partners with high professional standards play a prominent role in achieving this goal. RISE focuses on a qualitative; we do not aim to gather as many partners as possible. But those who honour us by becoming our partners, beyond the application of the RISE System, will also have access to a solid professional background, constant professional training opportunities, and the latest research and information. As RISE simultaneously studies the correlation between personality and behaviour, the connections among generations, issues of parenting and education, and the decision-making mechanism of managers, executives, and business owners, RISE partners are informed first-hand of unique ideas and the latest trends and scientific work in the HR field. This results in a significant advantage on the market, which helps them in acquiring new projects, retaining their existing partners, and increasing client satisfaction.

RISE has also developed a significant media background, including print and social media, through which it delivers these materials directly to the most prominent figures of the international HR community. We provide a constant publishing opportunity to RISE partners, as we know that our partners’ success is our success, and so we have to facilitate the growth of their businesses too.

RISE teaches the theory and applications of its system to its partners through individual workshops, training programmes, e-learning solutions, and unique, social media-based conferences. Naturally, we provide ongoing contact during the partnership with premium-quality communication. Each RISE partner is assigned a dedicated consultant who manages communication between the partner and RISE’s professional team and addresses the specific needs for the partner’s development. Never leaving a partner’s question unanswered is our top priority, which means that RISE is not a product, but a sophisticated service package.